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Luxury Safes

Introducing our range of Luxury Safes – engineered and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.  These safes meet the highest security levels and fire protection requirements worldwide.  They meet Security Grade VDS I to IV according to EURONORM EN 1143-1.


Whether it is a combination of your favourite colors, gold or chrome plating, engravings, or the individually planned interior made of the finest wood from the Black Forest in Germany, our specialists will assist you in creating your personal masterpiece.




Customise the safe with luxurious fittings that befit your style.  From LED lights on the inside to light up automatically when opening the safe door, to electronic watch winders for your precious timepieces, while making sure they are securely locked away and convenient push-to-open drawers that allow easy access to your valuables.  The handcrafted interiors are a symbiosis of a variety of exotic wood finishes combined with the finest leather or suede lining.  Some of the options include

  • Slate
  • Leather
  • Variety of wood finishes
  • Combination of 3-28 electronic watch winders
  • Push-to-open drawers lined with suede or leather
  • Exterior side plates




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