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Cecuritec Asia - Physical Security Solutions

We are a physical security solutions provider. Our extensive range of products include prefabricated vault panels, vault doors, safe deposit boxes (conventional, electronic, and automatic), safes, high security magnetic contacts and Safe Deposit Locks among others. We carry one of the widest range of Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) and European (EN) listed physical security products in the region.

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Kaso – Finland

Kaso - Finland

Kaso - Finland - Trusted and experienced world leading manufacturer of tested physical security solutions

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Magnasphere – Breakthrough in Magnetic Switch Technology

Magnasphere - Breakthrough in Magnetic Switch Technology

THE PATENTED, AWARD-WINNING MAGNASPHERE SWITCH represents the first breakthrough in two-wire magnetic switch technology since the introduction of the reed switch in the 1930’s. Originally designed as a replacement for the vulnerable reed switch used in security systems, the MAGNASPHERE switch exhibits a wide range of characteristics that make it an ideal solution for many industrial and commercial OEM applications.