Hatton Garden Jewelry Heist

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This is the largest burglary in English legal history involving millions of pounds taken from a safe deposit facility in London’s jewelry district.

It just goes to show that security cannot be taken for granted. Even with a multi-layered security, there can be loop holes. More often than not, the “human factor” is involved. With the proliferation and dependence on electronic sensors and detectors, the point of failure is usually still the “human factor” in the chain. Whether it is divulging a code, or loosing an access card, or not noticing an alarm, or assuming an alarm is false etc, the “human factor” is implicated.

That is why, there is still a case for physical security. Actually having a strong physical barrier as one of the layers instead of simply relying on sensors and detectors to do the job will go a long way to securing your valuables.

Posted by Cecuritec Asia Pte Ltd onĀ Friday, 15 January 2016