Vault Door

The name vault door is a very generic term.  There are many different types of vault doors for different purposes.  Some are better at resisting physical attack, some are explosive resistant, some are bullet resistant, and yet others are fire-resistant.

Some companies like to use the word “proof”, ie. bomb-proof, fire-proof, etc.  This implies a certain sense of “perfection” in the protection offered.  In reality, the protection is most likely limited.  A door that is stated as bomb-proof would most likely be able to withstand a blast up to only a certain pressure (psi).  A door stated a fire-proof  may only offer protection from fire for a certain number of hours.

Our range of vault doors include the following:

  1. Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) 608 Listed Class 1, 2, and 3 Vault Doors
  2. EN1143 certified Vault Doors
  3. UL Listed Fire Resistant Vault Doors
  4. Record Vault Door

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