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Bank Teller Safes

  • Precisely structure with double layers of high tensile steel plate to prevent prying. All metal parts are finish with melamine baked.
  • Designed to drawer type at bank teller’s convenience.
  • Attractive appearance and durable quality.

Microcomputer controlled

  • The control system of the Hi-Tech computer to provide safety and burglary resistant function.
  • Simple and easy operation.

Hold up function

  • When the safe is forced to open by burglar, it can be sending a silent alarm whatever user key in password or open drawer.

Silent Alarm

  • Silent alarm available once any drawer is attacked or opening improperly.

Time delay

  • Each drawer is available to set time delay function from 0 second to 99 minutes, drawer will open exactly as the setting time.

Concealed deposit opening

  • With two concealed deposit openings, bank tellers can categorize bankroll and other things easily without to open drawer.

Authority Control

  • Main administrator can appoint bank tellers to open specific drawer, it is easy to manage.
  • To avoid confusion causes by the situation of many people using the same safe.

UPS System

  • Install UPS system to support electricity in case of power off.

Flexibility Design

  • Removable divider of drawers make users easy to category of bankroll, notes and coins.

Multi Users

  • Main administrator may set users from one to nine person, the user can only open specific drawer and can not do other action.
  • Main administrator is not allowed to open drawers but available to change password, cancel or increase users as well as authority setting.

Keypad Protection

  • With key controlled. Keypad will not key in any data when the key operates.
  • Three times of key in password in error, both computer and keypad will be locked for three minutes automatically, and will send alarm signal at the same time.
  • Safe security function to prevent users who are not authorized to use the safe surreptitiously.

Easy to operate

  • Drawer will open automatically by keying in correct password and will lock automatically when drawer is closed. It is very safe and convenience for users.
  • Main administrator can delete one of all users by one step, it is unnecessary to re-set all users if must delete one user.

TFT LCD Screen

  • TFT-LCD screen, showing data and time when the key turn off.
  • Main administrator and users can follow the steps on screen on operate when the device is working.

High load capacity

  • Each drawer is able to load weight of 75 kgs.

Data Searching and Tracking

  • To line with computer to search and print the latest 100 records. This function is for clearing up responsibility in special situation.