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Manual Safe Deposit Box

The A.B series deposit boxes come in a unit with excellent theft-prevention performance. The young ann A.B series safe deposit boxes have been designed to meet exacting security requirements, while making the most efficient use of vault space and providing the vault with lockers featuring a most attractive design.

There are two models available, the A series and the B series. They differ from each other in door material, A series are constructed of solid aluminum alloy. Machined for precise fit and finished in front and back stainless steel plate. B series are constructed of solid polish stainless steel, thus allowing you to make the best choice. Each model offers different combination of numbering, bond boc and lock, You can choose to have the locking system manually operated or controlled by Young ann electronic control system(YECS) for safe deposit box.


  • Reinforced coated steel case. All sections have provisions for securing adjoining sections at top, bottom, and sides Design is no front frame. Door is installed on the only frame. Simple design. There are no targets for damage and malfunction. Easy to maintain the door with oily making original appearance.


  • A series are constructed of 1/2 precisely extruded aluminium alloy, Machined for precise fit and finish in front and back stainless plate. B series are constructed of 3/8 solid stainless steel. high class material. which are free maintenance, staying beautiful indefinitely.


  • The hinges are hidden which are set inside the door, flat and pithy in design.


  • Double nose U.L listed key-changeable locks with two customer keys each. Single nose lock for electronic control system.


  • Flexible numbering system with white intaglio characters on a black plastic which complements the stainless steel and aluminum alloy door. Intaglio characters on stainless steel door is available.

Bond Box

  • Durable lightweight bond box. Made of heavy duty poly proplyene. Heat and impact resistant. Metal bond box are available.

Pull out Shelves

  • The convenient pill out shelves, press lightly pop out smoothly as level as surface of safe deposit box while it is closed level.

Key Tray (Optional)

  • The key tray comes in two convenient types. Insertion key tray and envelop tray. Insertion key tray is for vacancy twin key, envelop tray is for use in single sealed key.

Bases (Optional)

  • Heavy channel steel base with stainless steel trim plate and leveling legs.


  • Reach easily and quickly with our 3 stairs and 2 stairs ladders. To meet your height of safe deposit box requirement. Steady in design. Which secure against tumble Made of heavy tubular stainless steel.