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Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) Listed Modular Vault

Young Ann prefabricated modular vaults have been tested and approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL).  Due to its modular nature, it is highly customisable and also comes with lighter and thinner size than poured in-situ concrete vaults. Young Ann modular vaults provide an attractive alternative solution that can help you lower you capital expenses and maximise limited space .

Standard sized panels can be combined to erect vaults of almost any size.  In addition, customer specified widths, heights and lengths and shapes can be fabricated.  Existing rooms or older vaults within a building can be lined with panels to retrofit or construct a new vault.

Panels are joined by welding method that firmly hold the panels and vault into a solid single structure that can meet UL standards and be able to resist burglary destruction and earthquakes.

Another advantage of Modular vaults is that they can be relocatable.  They can be redesign or moved to other locations.  Panels can be easily adapted to new design and location.

Modular Vault panels with its clean and fast installation minimises business disruptions.  Upon panels arriving on site, installation is completed in a week or less for most typical sized vaults.  This advantage eliminates the long waiting time for concrete vaults to cure, form, and be ready.